Installing Software

Download Laser Engraver Module software Burner from ATOM official website.

Connection and Calibration

Step 1.

While ATOM connected to computer, click [ Port ] ,select 250000, then click [ Connect ].

Step 2.

Run [ Auto Level ] with the 3D printing module.Click [ Home ] and attach the laser module.

ATTENTION! Please wear protective goggles at all time.


(Download "Virtual COM Port Drivers" if Burner is unable to find the compurter.




Step 3-1.

Turn on the laser by clicking [ on ] find the focal distance by moving the module up and down.

Step 3-2.

Download "LaserEngraverTesting.gcode" from ATOM official website to test the focal distance.


Step 4.

[ Light ]

Engraver Sp 200 mm/s

Travel Sp 3000 mm/s

[ Dark ]

Engraver Sp 400 mm/s

Travel Sp 3000 mm/s



Step 5.

[ Light ] and [ Dark ] are the two default speed setting. You can customize it further in [ Engraver Speed ] and [ Travel Speed ]

[ Pixel/cm, Pixel/inch ]  is the resolution (dpi) of your image. The recommended value is 200.

[ Thickness ] Indicates the thickness of the material to be engraved. Please measure it with a caliper.

[ Import ]

Import black and white PNG file. (Do not import images with a transparent background) and see the preview on the left.




Step 6.

Click [ Preview ] to see the rough position of the path. Click [ Start ] when ready to engrave.


(Click [ Export ] to save the path as .gcode)

Advanced Techniques

Step 7.

Advanced users can use [ Console ] to operate the Laser Module.