1.  Before getting started, please double-check that every single point of your machine is well inspected 

    ATOM Printer Inspection

2.  You can download everything you need from the download section on our website.

     On our support page you can find:

     • The latest ATOM 2.0 firmware
     • The latest KISSlicer version with pre-configured settings for ATOM 2.0
     • Test print files
     • Laser engraver software
     • Laser test files

3 . Read these two pages to get you started!

     Preparing for your first print

     About first layer

Side fans do not turn

There are two reasons that might cause this issue, please follow the link below to begin troubleshooting.

Why don't the side fans turn ?

Printing Temperature varies from material to material

The target temperature settings for the hotend vary depending on the material and situation.
We recommend keeping the values set between 180220 ºC for PLA.

Support Icon-14.png

Machine can't be controlled although LCD is on.


Did you just connect your ATOM with computer?

Remember that the switch must always be set to the ON position. 

KISSlicer settings

Do your prints fail whenever you slice your own files?

If you find that the "ATOM Test Print Files" are always printing well, but your own gcode isn't, then you should double-check whether you downloaded "KISSlicer + ATOM 2.0 Settings" from our website's support page. 

Download section